The Current Index to Statistics is a bibliographic index to publications in statistics, probability, and related fields.

The on-line CIS Extended Database indexes the entire contents of over 160 "core journals", in most cases from 1975 (or first issue if later) to the current end year, and pre-1975 coverage for some, selected articles with statistical content since 1975 from about 1200 additional journals (cumulatively) in related fields, and about 11,000 books in statistics published since 1975.

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CIS News

Access to the Current Index to Statistics (CIS) became open to the public effective January 1, 2017. CIS will continue to auto-update bibliographical data from larger publishers, but any data that was previously manually entered will not be updated. Subscription fees are no longer being charged for any user. We will no longer provide usage statistics. CIS will remain open until December 31, 2019 and at that time will be shut down.

After much consideration, this decision was reached for the following reasons: most of the relevant scientific bibliography is now covered by Google Scholar, which is free and well resourced; the world of scientific bibliography is increasingly technical computationally; modern tools make processing of bibliographic data from publishers more efficient but also require investment in tools and expertise that are less feasible for a small project like CIS than for larger scale ones like broader bibliographic databases; and similar issues arise for search interface and functionality.

CIS is currently researching options for long term preservation of the data contained in CIS. We will update users as this progresses.

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